Separator Spare Parts & Service

At STS, we manufacture a complete range of high performance vertical disk stack centrifuges, but we are also able to source spares for other OEM brands, such as GEA /Westfalia.

If you need Westfalia parts for machines in your facility we have what you need. We are here to simplify Westfalia parts supply and to help reduce operating expenses:

  • Parts supply running low? Let us quote on your next rebuild, we are typically 30-40% less expensive.
  • Major rebuild coming up? We offer a Drive Rebuild Program with drop-in replacement drives available on the shelf to keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Don’t have the team to do the work yourself? Let our technicians do the work on site or have them train your team to bring the skills in-house.

To learn more, please reach out to us directly at 615-339-1213 or submit your RFQ  here.

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