Distiller Corn Oil & Soybean Oil Separators from STS

STS supplies systems and spare parts to many of the largest biofuels companies in the US and Canada. Customers producing corn ethanol , soybean oil, biodiesel and renewable diesel work with us for their separation needs.

Distillers Corn Oil Separators – If you need additional DCO separation capacity, the STS 300 series 3 phase disk separator offers exceptional performance with minimal cost. STS 300 series separators provide high-efficiency operation with maximized DCO yields. These machines will provide years of trouble free service because they are backed by our comprehensive US based parts supply and our US based technicians.

For customers in soybean processing, we are also here to help. If you are considering the purchase of a new corn oil or soybean oil separator, give us a call. You’ll find out how easy it is to work with STS and save money.

We also offer a full range of spares for common separators from other OEM’s, so if your RSE 220 centrifuge (or similar) needs parts or service, see our Spare Parts page or please reach out here.

Biofuels Advocacy in North America

Production of Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol and SAF(sustainable aviation fuel) is surging in the US and Canada, aided by the advocacy of both Growth Energy and the Renewable Fuels Association. These organizations advocate on behalf of America’s biorefiners, who are transforming widely available crops into sustainable fuels for cars, ships, trains, trucks, and planes. STS is proud to be an associate member of both organizations. Please click on the icons below for more information.

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