High Performance Centrifuge

Separator Technology Solutions

Separating centrifuges for the wine, citrus and essential oil industries

Type of uses and applications

Innovative Features


Operational Effectiveness


Custom work on different objectives


No investment risks. 100% in YIELD guarantees


Competitive Purchase and Maintenance Prices

Do you need a machine with customized information?

We manufacture the centrifuge according to your needs and KPI´s that you need to measure.

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More than


Centrifuges around the world

Up to


Wine sediment

No investment risk 


in performances garantees

Your investment is protected

You can maintain your centrifuges at 100% with our maintenance service. You can care and keep for and maintain the quality of your machines and your products.

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Our Clients

Mission, Vision Values and Value Proposals


Our mission is to provide a state of the art of separation technology solutions for the wine, citrus, and essential oil industry. To be leaders in technological innovation and customer satisfaction.


To be recognized as leaders in the separation technology industry, to exceed our customers' expectations, and to be recognized as a reliable and efficient partner. To constantly improve centrifuge solutions and support services. To become a company committed to environmental sustainability and the application of technology to centrifugal processes.


  • Service

    We focus on providing solutions and meeting the needs of our customers, providing personalized attention on time.

  • Innovation

    We generate new ideas, solutions and products that allow us to improve your efficiency and create value for our clients.

  • Sustainability

    We seek to meet the needs of the present without compromising nature, considering the environmental, social and economic impacts of current and future actions, with the aim of minimizing negative impacts and maximizing long-term benefits.

  • Efficacy

    Being able to achieve the desired objectives and goals effectively and to reach the expected results consistently and reliably.

  • Transparency

    We build trust with our clients by providing precise and clear information about our processes and decisions in the operations we carry out.

Value proposals

Reliable and highly efficient separation capacity in all our centrifuge solutions.

Efficient response time to requests from our customers around the world.

Experience and extensive knowledge in separation applications.

Specialized technicians around the world.

High-quality spare parts with fast international delivery.

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