Oil separation: benefits of using an industrial centrifuge

There are different methods that are used to separate mixtures, depending on what you want to obtain, it can be through decantation, filtration, extraction, distillation or centrifugation, of which we will learn all about the benefit of carrying out this process at an industrial level.

Before explaining its importance in the industrial sector, we will begin by defining what centrifugation is. It is a process through which mixtures that are made up of solid and liquid elements or liquid elements that have different densities can be separated.

Separation of oils with industrial centrifuges

How is this separation done? Very simple, the components that will be divided are exposed to a rotating force with the intensity necessary to achieve the objective, that they can be separated.

To be more specific, a centrifuge process usually has a cylindrical bowl which rotates at a high speed and is placed inside a larger container which is stationary. It is with this movement that the solid elements found in the oil, as well as the thicker liquid, begin to separate and are usually stored around the cylindrical container, while the oil, which is less dense, accumulates in the center of the container and then spreads out.

The main objective of this centrifuge process is to purify or extract the oils and fats. It should be noted that this process is also functional for the production of biofuels. Below we list the applications in which the centrifuge can be used:

  • Procesamiento de aceite de cocina usado
  • Extracción de aceite de aguacate
  • Fabricación de biodiésel
  • Fabricación de bioetanol
  • Extracción de aceite de oliva
  • Extracción de aceite de palma
  • Extracción de aceite de semilla
  • Processing of used cooking oil
  • avocado oil extraction
  • Biodiesel manufacturing
  • Bioethanol manufacturing
  • Extraction of olive oil
  • palm oil extraction
  • Seed oil extraction

Centrifugation can be used for different processes, such as the separation of liquids or their cleaning, which is why the centrifuge is required to be powerful, in this sense, if we focus on the machines that are separating centrifuges, we talk about what they do a separation which consist of three phases, because they divide the liquids that have different densities and also isolate the solid elements that the oil may have.

 One of the advantages of carrying out the centrifugation process in specialized machines is that the force used in the centrifuge has the necessary power to make the separation, without compromising the substance, in addition to the fact that the discs that contain the machinery are of high quality, durable and powerful, ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

Another advantage, especially in the extraction of edible oils such as avocado, olive oil or palm oil, is that the product is obtained in a minimum of processing time, in addition to the fact that it is a clean oil that even it does not require an additional process for its clarification, it uses a minimum cost of personnel due to the fact that the machinery used is of continuous and automatic operation, in addition to having a useful life and easy maintenance.

Regardless of the process you are going to carry out, the main advantage of using special machines in the industrial centrifuge process is the optimization of time as well as the quality of the product, guaranteeing that it is always the same at all times.

If you need advice on the machinery that you can use or if you are only interested in knowing more about the centrifuge process, we invite you to download our product catalog where you will surely find what suits your needs.

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