The centrifuge method in the food industry

Today it is difficult to imagine the production of the food industry without all the benefits of the centrifuge method, which came to revolutionize this sector thanks to all its benefits.

Basically, centrifugation consists of a separation of particles that occurs thanks to centrifugal force, which can be applied at different speeds to achieve its goal. This mechanical method is used to separate immiscible liquids or to separate solids from liquids; in this case, the speed of movement of the particles is subjected to the centrifugal field to break the homogeneity of a solid or liquid.

For example, when a solution is centrifuged, homogeneity is broken and separation of solute and solvent occurs. This is possible thanks to the general principle of physics that decrees that the rotation of an object around an axis or central point, at a constant radial distance from said point, produces a force that acts on said object; When the object being rotated is a cylindrical container, the contents of fluids and solids develop an equal and opposite force – the centrifugal force – towards the walls of the container. Thanks to this force, it is possible for the particles to settle through a layer of liquid or by filtering through the inside of a perforated rotating chamber.

Speaking of the food industry, it is very common that this method is used to purify milk, to obtain skim milk for example; it is commonly used for the clarification of juices and nectars; while in the sugar industry, it is essential to separate crystals from the syrup liquor and there are many more examples like these.

Other uses of the centrifuged method in the food industry occur with beverages, for example with beer, where it is used to separate yeasts or residues; as in the world of wine, where centrifugation is often used to separate residues that can cause a bad smell in the wine or to clarify them. In the world of oils, this process is also fundamental to eliminate its lees.

Next, other of its most commo

uses in the food industry:

● Starch drying

● Extraction of essential oils from fruits or other

● Concentration of fruit juices

● Manufacture of margarine

If you are interested in knowing more in-depth details about the use of the centrifugal method in the food industry, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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