Separation of fermented products: what does it consist of?

As we have previously explained to you on our blog, centrifugal separation is a very important process for many and different production industries in the world, since it guarantees a quality standard that ends up resulting in a better product.

An example of this is the fermented products industry; To illustrate the point, let’s talk specifically about fermented dairy products, an industry where this process is very common. These products have a milk base and depending specifically on the type of product (milk, cream, cheese, etc.), cream and milk powder are usually added, stabilizers are used to provide a better texture to the product and in the same way, also sweeteners and flavorings can be added to perfect the product.

Just as different extras can be added to improve a product, there is also the separation of products to achieve exactly the same thing: a better product. Do not forget that regularly, after the fermentation process, waste is generated (dead yeast, remains of vegetable matter, denatured proteins, etc.) that cannot be part of the final product for obvious reasons. For example, in the wine world centrifugation is often used to achieve an absence of solids that cause bad odors and undesirable flavors in the wine.

Speaking in a very general way, the separation and its process, generates the following benefits in a production line:

● Automation.

● Reduction in production times.

● Absence of oxidation and clarification of products.

● In some cases, elimination of settling and transfer operations.

● The organoleptic characteristics of the liquids are not lost.

● Reduction of color loss.

● Reduction of cleaning costs.

For all this, the separation of fermented products is fundamental and is currently achieved through centrifugal separation, since this process guarantees quality and above all, that the raw materials are used to the maximum in any production line. Do you have more questions? about the topic? Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts, who are more than qualified to advise you at any time.

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