Centrifuges and energy saving: take care of resources through efficient processes.

The current panorama of the planet in terms of energy resources and their depletion is not encouraging; There are a large number of outdated industries in their industrial processes, which are not sufficiently modernized and cause problems that are repeated in different types of industries around the world:

• Carelessness in managing, saving and optimizing resources.

• Technological updating in production processes.

• Lack of energy saving and care for the benefit of the environment.

• Excessive economic expenses caused by all the previous points.

An example of this is what happens in the global beverage industry, which never stops, it’s actually quite the opposite, every day there are more alternatives and new options for different markets: beers, juices, citrus drinks, wines, soft drinks and much more.  Therefore, the production in this type of industry must have the latest technology on the market to obtain the maximum benefit from the raw materials used in the processes and in order to achieve the most important thing: preserve the characteristics of each drink, that flavor that it provokes an acquired taste and recurring purchases in the markets.

To achieve a standard of quality and balance between the production processes and the final product that reaches the market, Multi-phase processes that are sustainable in terms of energy savings and care, with the necessary technological drive to meet the specific needs of each company, cannot be lacking.

In a world where the costs of raw materials, ingredients and their production do not stop, companies must have equipment and solutions that allow them to continue offering appetizing beverages at an attractive price for their consumers…

A task that looks complicated on paper but that is not impossible to fulfill without neglecting the highest standards that help reduce the environmental impact and its production environment. Fortunately, there are centrifugal separation technologies that will help your company to revolutionize its production system! production!

As we have told you before on our blog, a centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate components of a liquid; This separation is achieved thanks to the fact that the machine rotates the liquid at high speeds and due to the different densities of the components, the denser substances are concentrated in the radial direction.

STS: Your ideal companion in this modernization process.

With STS equipment and solutions, your company will be able to reduce production costs, energy consumption, water and more. By having the latest technology on the market, our centrifugal machines are capable of offering the following improvements to production lines:

  • Increase production levels and maintain long run times.
  • Reduction in loss of ingredients; better use of raw materials.
  • Reduction in consumption of resources such as water and energy; better recycling and waste stream.

Although the percentage of energy savings of a centrifugal separator varies according to the type of industry where it is used, it has been proven that they can reduce energy consumption by between 30% and 50%. A not insignificant percentage in today’s world.

Are you interested in knowing in-depth and specific details about this topic? Contact us! We are here to advise you on what you need.

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